CC Brand Vision

CC Brand has been created to develop a range of unique innovative products for the cuesports market. By taking the very best in design and craftsmanship from the rich heritage within the game, and combining it with the world’s most advanced materials, we will bring cuesports into the arena of high performance already enjoyed by many other competitive sports. Many of the worlds leading professional snooker and pool players now use Century Pro Cue Tips.

CC products are now sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. From the UK to China, Germany and beyond, boosting a fan base that spans the globe.

Drew Colgrave

Founder, CC Brand

Multiple World Champion Mark Selby – Official CC Brand Ambassador 

Century Pro C-Works R/D Team

Drew Colgrave – Founder CC/Inventor

Jimmy White M.B.E – CC Consultant/Shareholder

Jiang Shu – CC Logistics Manager

Karl Sugden – CC Consultant/Product Tester

Mark Tibenham – Engineer/Consultant

Mark Selby – CC Consultant

Steve Robinson – CC Consultant/WPBSA World Snooker Coach

Andy Hunter – CC Consultant/Master Cue Maker

Richard Panasiuk – CC Business Consultant

Andy Mumford – CC Accounting Consultant

Barry Stark – CC Consultant/Professional Snooker Coach

Demi Mistry (PHD) – Researcher, The University Of Sheffield

Alan Wilson (PHD) – Researcher, The University Of Sheffield

The University Of Sheffield – Partner Organisation

Prof.Simon Goodwin

Prof.Patrick Fairclough

Prof.Matt Carre



CC Brand Limited


Reg No – 12727679