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Century Pro Ti-F (Low Deflection Titanium Ferrule)



The world's first titanium alloy low deflection snooker cue ferrule, precision engineered for optimum structural integrity no matter how many times you retip. Designed and developed to work in harmony with Century Pro cue tips to deliver the best playing experience possible for your cue.


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Discover Century Pro Ti-F - The world's first low deflection titanium cuesport ferrule


Sporting standards are continually improving as advances in training, technique and application are developed and introduced. However, unless the equipment used keeps pace with these changes, progress becomes impaired or even stops. Snooker is no exception. Brass has been the material of choice for snooker cue ferrules for over a century, yet it is far from ideal. Due to the relative softness of brass, every retip reduces the diameter of the ferrule and compromises its shape. Even a light polish at the end of the job will remove material. This inevitably changes the way the cue feels and plays, making consistency impossible to achieve. Imagine a ferrule where this cannot happen. A ferrule that retains its structural integrity for life no matter how many times you retip. That ferrule is the Century Pro Ti-F.



Why Choose Century Pro Ti-F Titanium Ferrule?


• Precision engineered from the highest grade titanium alloy

• Retains dimensional integrity no matter how many times you retip

• Reduced cue end mass minimises cue ball deflection

• Enhanced shot feedback and cue ball reaction

• Suitable for all cuesports

• Retrofit service for existing cue*

• Quality assured lifetime guarantee


 * We recommend that the retrofit be carried out by ourselves or a registered Century Pro installer. E-Mail info@centurycues.com for an installation quotation or alternatively, see our list of registered installers. If you purchase the ferrule seperately, any subsequent installation is carried out at your own risk.



Top Professional Players Using Century Pro Ti/F Titanium Ferrule


Stephen Maguire

Anthony McGill

Mike Dunn

Rob Lawler

Sunny Akani 

Ashley Hugill


Igor Figueiredo 




Installation Guide & Installation Prices 


Average installation cost of fitting a Century Pro Ti-F ferrule is approximately £50.

All ferrules will need cleaning and de-greasing prior to installation. 

All ferrules listed are manufactured slightly oversized to allow for installation. 

We currently manufacture our ferrules at 6mm high with no internal thread. If a custom size is required please get in touch with us. 

Please email info@centurycues.com for any further information. 



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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Stephen Maguire - Proon 18/10/2018
    I recently took my cue to Craig Fitzpatrick who works with Stuart Green, owner of Green Baize LTD, Stockton-On-Tees. They upgraded my brass ferrule to a new Century Pro Ti/F low deflection Titanium ferrule. I have to say its the best move i have made. Lower cue ball deflection, more reaction and better feel. Well done to the guys at Century Pro...changing the future of snooker in a very positive way!!!
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Mike Dunn - Snooker Proon 29/09/2018
    My name is Mike Dunn and I’ve been a professional snooker player since 1991, I am also a professional coach at the highest level. The Snooker Cue hasn’t really changed for many many decades, but the world around it has with modern technology. We have always used wood and brass as the key materials in a cue but not anymore, I’ve been using a titanium ferrule instead of a brass one and the difference is incredible. The ferrule is harder and lighter than brass which gives a massive advantage to the user, firstly it is extremely difficult to wear down and when changing a tip the ferrule can withstand many more years of wear and tear with sandpaper. I’ve found that a Stanley Blade will not take off tiny shavings like a brass one does when cutting and shaping a tip. The knife blade just slides over the top of the titanium, when sanding a brass ferrule over time the ferrule will become out of shape and eventually need replacing,So far I haven’t noticed any difference at all in the size of my titanium ferrule and I’ve had about 4 tips on. There is also a great advantage when playing with side also (I use a Century Pro G4 tip which is firm with incredible grip), What I’ve noticed is with the titanium ferrule the deflection when playing with side has been reduced massively, so when I play on different cloths around the world I hardly have to adjust my alinement. All cloths play different when there’s changes in climate and also when old / new so this is a major benefit to having one. I can’t really see many downsides to putting one on, all I would say is it takes a little time to make the adjustments with side and they cost more than brass so can be pricey to put on, but they will outlast the Cue if taken care of properly. I’m not getting paid for this review but really do believe that the future is finally here with Century Pro Ti/F Cue ferrules.
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Stuart Green - Green Baize Ltdon 16/07/2018
    The ferrules are excellent. Craig has fitted about 10 so far and every cue has gone to virtually zero deflection, great feel and better reaction. My personal cue was transformed! Losing about 1" from brown to black spot doing our deflection test! Deflection now virtually zero. Well done Century Pro. Fantastic product. Stu Green - Green Baize Ltd
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Marc J Davis (Snooker Player - Aberdeen)on 03/07/2018
    Doesn't feel much different, only difference for me is the white has much less throw!!!. On top the metal looks nice, stays clean and very hard to damage.
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Lee Wilkeson 26/06/2018
    I recently had a 8.75mm Century Pro Titanium ferrule fitted to my snooker cue along with a G2 Century Pro cue tip. I can honestly say i have seen a vast improvement on how my cues plays and feels and in turn this has improved my game. Better cue ball reaction, sweeter, cleaner hit. Well done Century Pro on a fantastic product.

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