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Century Pro Cue Tips



Scientifically tested, premium quality, single layer pressed leather cue tip. Made from Grade A+ leather for optimum consistency, playability and feedback on every shot. Discover your perfect cue tip for life with Century Pro Cue Tips.


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Discover Century Pro Cue Tips 


Many snooker cue tips today are available in a variety of grades; typically, soft, medium and hard. However, within each of these categories it is common for tip characteristics to vary greatly, which inevitably leads to them all playing differently. In other words, buying the same grade does not ensure the same playing experience. Century Pro Cue Tips are different. As pioneers in our field, we are the first company worldwide to implement a unique scientific manufacturing process, designed to test and grade cuesport tips. Every Century Pro Cue Tip is therefore guaranteed to provide a consistent playing experience.


There are 4 grades to choose from within the Century Pro range:

• G1
 = Softer Feel

• G2 = Medium Feel

• G3 = Medium to Hard Feel

• G4 = Hard Feel

• G5 = Custom Super Hard Feel


Century Pro Cue Tips are available in boxes of four, or in a special Sample Box containing one of each grade enabling players to easily discover which tip best suits their game.


Want to know how we fit Century Pro Cue Tips? Check out our free cue tip installation guide here - Click Here



Why Choose Century Pro Tips?


• Premium Quality, Single Layer Grade A+ Leather

• Unique Manufacturing Process

• Every Tip Scientifically Tested

• Same Grade Tip In Every Box Guaranteed

• Optimum Consistency, Playability & Feedback

• Quality Is Assured



Top Professional Players Who Have Won Major Ranking Titles Using Century Pro Cue Tips


Mark Selby - Multiple World Champion & Century Pro Brand Ambassador

Shaun Murphy - World Champion & Many Other Major Titles 

• Kyren Wilson 

• Stephen Maguire 


To see the full list of players who have won major ranking titles using Century Pro Cue Tips please click this link - https://centurycues.com/century-pro-champions.html 


Approximately 70/80% of players currently on the professional WPBSA snooker tour now use Century Pro Cue Tips!  























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Customer Reviews

  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Jamie Hokon 23/09/2019
    Seems like your tips (G2) are doing wonders for me! So happy I chose your tips and has it flown in to Cambodia all the way from the UK! Cheers
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Mick Gillespieon 13/09/2019
    I have now had the Century Cues G5 fitted to my cue for over a month. And I would love to offer a follow up review of this tip. After such a period of time I would have expected the need to air the tip by roughing it up with wet n dry or using a tip spikes to soften the tip. I would also expect the tip to mushroom itself over the edge of the ferrule. But none of these things happened. The tip plays the same as when I fitted it. No edging required, no maintenance or repairs required. In all of my years of playing this beautiful game, I have never had a tip that performs so perfectly. The grip and cue ball control is second to none. This tip help you feel each and every stroke. And best of all, not one bit of adjustment or maintenance needed. The only pre-practice or match routine I currently have is to clean my cue shaft, polish the brass ferrule and replace the leather tip protector then off we go. Any thoughts or worries I have about my tip can usually play a big part in my game. Any concern would hinder or change shot choice. This worry can win or loose games and it can also spoil practice sessions. But with this trusted tip fitted, every shot can be given the required thought process it deserves. This tip should be called the Century Cues G5 ‘supreme quality’ tip.

    It is easy to see that this tip is made from top quality leather. The leather has been compressed in such a manner that it holds consistently right across the tip. The commitment of Century Cues to offer such a high quality well engineered product is second to none. This is by far the best tip I have ever had the pleasure of using.

    Adam and Century Cues, I am humbled you have allowed me to try out this tip.
  • 5stars
    Review by Maarten vdk on 30/07/2019
    Amazing Cue tips G3!
  • great service along with great knowledge
    Review by phil websteron 02/07/2019
    i was recommended to use Century cue tips but was unsure about which grade to use. upon contacting Century cues i emailed mr adam pike who was more than helpful to say the least. He asked several questions about my game & eventually came to the conclusion that either a g2 0r g3 would suit my game, he has subsequently sent me one of each to try. All i can say is thank you very much adam for your total help in this matter & i will let you know how the tips play in the very near future.
  • Excellent Tip
    Review by Steveon 11/06/2019
    I required a new tip and I was RECOMMENDED to try a g3 tip, From gray.it is by far the best tip that i have evef had fitted and a real quality tip the difference it has made is huge and will add confidence To my game.
  • BEst tips on the Market By Far and would highly Recommended
    Review by Justin andersonon 12/05/2019
    As Mark Selby has said the Century Pro Cue Tips is the best Tip I've used. Highly recommended.
    I've been using them for a year or so no and I won't ever go back to any of the others.
    Can't wait for the Century Chalk to be released to compliment these amazing tips!
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Chris Wakelin - Proon 23/10/2018
    Without doubt the future of cue tips! Doesn't need 'knocking in', maintains its shape and lasts longer than other market leaders. Plays great too and is a key part of improving your game at all levels!
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Mark Selbyon 15/10/2018
    Got to say the best tip i have ever used. Big thank you to Century Pro!!!
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Kyren Wilson - Pro Snooker Playeron 14/09/2018
    Been using Century Pro Cue Tips now for a while and they are fantastic tips!
  • 5 Stars...
    Review by Chris Wakelin - Proon 03/09/2018
    Well... the tips working well! Never felt so in control of the white! 5 tons with it today. Might have to order some more lol...
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Ross Muir - Proon 03/09/2018
    The G4 is exactly what I have been looking for, they play perfect! Fantastic tips...
  • 5 Stars...
    Review by Emma Cunningham - Pro on 03/09/2018
    Fantastic tips. Would highly recommend...
  • Excellent tips...
    Review by Gary Wilson - Proon 03/09/2018
    Thank you so much to Century Pro CueTips! Been using their customised G4 which is harder again and it’s the BEST tip I have ever used. Hard and still has the grip. Played good from 1st few shots and stays shape. It’s what I’ve wanted in a non layered tip all these years. Fantastic!!!
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Joe Perry - Snooker Proon 12/06/2018
    Just had my first practice session with my new Century Pro G4. Very impressed, this will be my tip for the coming season...
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Chloe Whiteon 12/06/2018
    I have been using the G3 tip you kindly sent and I can honestly say it's great and I'm really getting on with it so thankyou!
  • 5 Stars
    Review by Mark Williams M.B.E on 30/05/2018
    Great tips!
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Adam Duffy - Snooker Proon 29/05/2018
    Best tips i have ever used!!! Unreal...
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Wayne Townsendon 09/05/2018
    Just used a G3 Century Pro Cue Tip and I can say they are fantastic tips they play in straight away. Wanna thank Andrew for sending me these tips Highly Recommended!!!
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Chris Keogan - Snooker Proon 13/04/2018
    Thank you for Century Pro sending me a G4 tip to try. Played in after a few sessions and felt really nice. A firm tip but can still get spin. Would highly recommend. Chris Keogan.
  • Excellent tips...
    Review by Jonathan Adamson 10/04/2018
    I've played snooker throughout my life and have always found concerns surrounding the consistency in tips that aren't laminated. I've tried alternatives that have been brought to the market in the past 3-5 years claiming to be a different and eliminating the issues however it always seemed the same result just with a different package and higher price tariff. However, with Century Tips after consulting Andrew regarding my prior concerns and the feelings I look for when playing I was advised to try a G3 (Medium to Hard tip) I was sceptical as I've heard these terms before but never felt a difference which is the key factor here. That said having tried the G3 tip after installation I soon realised that this was something different. The tip required little to zero knocking in and when struck across a variety in shots you could feel the consistency in not just the tips performance but also the way which it didn't mushroom and having the confidence in your equipment is the key to success. Having the ability to focus on what you as a player can control instead of being concerned about a tip especially after a miss cue is vital to a players confidence and performance. Jonathan Adams
  • 5 Stars
    Review by Michael Tandyon 24/03/2018
    BRILLIANT. They are Good and One Up From The Rest , Why Not Let other Players Know. For me they are just that, right from first contacting Andrew Colgrave whos professional way of his willingness to help said a Lot, in that if His Tips were the same as His Professional Business Manor, then His Tips would more than likely be the same, No Surprise, as the G1s I am playing with is just great, if like myself you like Soft Touch Type Shots around the Open Pack. Nothing more to say other than I wish Century Pro Tips had been around before, Brilliant Tips well worth trying them, What Have You to Lose ?. MIKE TANDY Snooker Coach and Trick Shot Performer Eastern Seaboard Thailand.
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Warren Ackary - Blade Cue, Australia on 23/03/2018
    I put a G3 on a maple cue.. Wow is all I can say! The tip is awesome with Elk Pro Chalk.
  • G3 tip
    Review by Chris Harton 03/03/2018
    Well... After trying pretty much every tip out there over a 25 year period, I can honestly say without doubt that Century cue tips are the most responsive, easiest to work with and best single layered tip I've ever used. Played in very quickly and feels so good. I cannot recommemd these tips highly enough. Thank you Drew at Century.
  • Class!
    Review by B Quigleyon 26/02/2018
    Spoke to drew a week ago and picked his brain for advice and help with The recent tip problems i've been having. He recommended i ordered some G3’s.....I received them late last week, put one on and have had a couple of sessions with it since. By far the best tip i have ever used. Solid with a nice feel!! Can't state enough how good these tips are. Must buy.
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Chris Leggeon 18/12/2017
    I recently fitted a G2 tip to my cue and I have to say these are superb tips. I have tried so many different types of tips but this felt great right from the first shot. Many thanks for a great product.
  • Excellent 5 Stars
    Review by John147on 07/12/2017
    Having played snooker for many years and trying out different tips over the years i have found Century Pro Cue tips to be consistant, hold shape and play excellent. I would go as far to say the best tips i have ever used. I am on my second G3 (medium/hard) exactly the same as the first G3 i tried. Well done Century Pro...
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Giles Martin on 01/12/2017
    Well I've had a G3 on my cue for the past month now and it feels great. Very responsive and kept it's shape well. They cut so good when fitting. I didn't like the 2 sessions knocking in so I pressed it over night. Ready to play all the shots from the off. It's a thumbs up from me...
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Spencer Dawkinson 01/12/2017
    I have had my new Century Pro Cue tip on for 3 weeks and I can't fault it . Best tip I've had on since Mike Wooldridge super tip. Keeps it shape well. Fantastic tip...
  • 5 Stars
    Review by Chris Gon 21/11/2017
    Fantastic tip...
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by William Lemons - Pro/Amon 21/11/2017
    I’ve been trying loads of tips over the years and nothing comes close to the G3 tip I’m using, very responsive, great feel and stays the same throughout. The perfect tip...
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Naveen - Dubaion 15/11/2017
    I got your century pro cue tips today. I must say that they are truly great tips. Congratulations to you on introducing this new product to the world of snooker. I am sure they will be a great success. Thank you again Naveen.
  • 5 Stars
    Review by Jamie Barrett - Pro Snooker Playeron 15/11/2017
    Using a G2. Fantastic tip. Plays in very quickly and excellent feedback. Best single layer tip i have used in years...
  • 5 Stars
    Review by Mike Newcombe on 15/11/2017
    Having tried out the G2 tip, I have to say it's the best tip I've ever used. Can't thank Century Pro enough. Highly recommended these. Brilliant product!
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Gary Filtness - Ex Pro - World Snooker Coachon 15/11/2017
    Best tips i have used in years would highly recommend. Using a G3, fantastic tip. Century Pro Cue Tips are now the standard cue tip for all Blade Cues...
  • Best snooker cue tip i have used in years - 5 stars...
    Review by Nigel Bond - Pro Player & Snooker Coach on 04/11/2017
    I contacted Drew colgrave the owner of Century pro cue tips to see if i could try out the tips. He said yes no problem as long as i give him an honest review/feedback about the tips, so here it is. I tried out the G3 grade - medium/hard tip and my first impression of the tip was excellent. Firm hit from the beginning but with feel. The tips are very CONSISTENT and keep shape. I really like the idea of the grading system as this removes the hassle of picking through endless tips until you find one that works. By far the best cue tip i have used in many years and i will be using Century Pro's FROM now on. I would highly recommend Century Pro Cue Tips. 5 stars from me - Nigel Bond.
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Andy Travis - Cue Makeron 23/10/2017
    Best tips on the market.
  • 5 Stars
    Review by Dave Waltonon 23/10/2017
    G3 = Easy to trim and shape although not great when trying to burnish the sides, the leather fibres seem fairly coarse. The G3 is the medium hard of the 4 grades and it's plays very nicely right from the first shot with minimal reshaping required, it's firm for a pressed tip but grips the white nicely and holds chalk well, quite impressed. G4 = You can tell it's harder than the G3 as soon as you start trimming the tip, takes a little longer to shape as well but the edges burnished nicely, it hardly needed any bedding in time and after a very light reshape has held its shape perfectly, it holds chalk well and feels firm and crisp without being too hard, very good on long shots, stun and stun run it feels great.
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Andrew Pagett - Proon 23/10/2017
    Fantastic tips!!!
  • 5 Stars - Would Highly Recommend
    Review by Martin Pitcher (Pro/Am Snooker Player)on 10/10/2017
    New tip this week from Century Pro Cue Tips. Using grade G3. Lovely tip and professional service from the company.
  • 5 Stars
    Review by Rebecca Kenna (Pro Snooker Player)on 14/09/2017
    One week before the first ranking event of the season my old tip needed replacing, after reading about Century Pro Cue Tips online I decided to give them a try. Wow, practically zero bedding in needed, no soft spots, and after playing with it for a while no mushrooming or re-shaping needed. Will be definitely using again (I used a G3, but will try other grades to see how they differ) - Rebecca Kenna (Pro Snooker Player).
  • Finest quality tips available...
    Review by Guinness1968on 14/09/2017
    Tried every tip imaginable but none have the superior feel and Quality of century. Used G1 (soft) for first time last week, 'century' followed frame 2. Fantastic feel and no loss of shape whatsoever. Won't be going back!
  • Best Single Layer Tip Out There!
    Review by Oliver Brown (Pro Snooker Player)on 13/09/2017
    Drew fitted me a G4 on my cue and it's exactly what i have been looking for in a cue tip. Tried many different brands but Century Pro Tips are by far the most consistent tip i have used for a long time. Like all snooker players you need to feel the shot yet the tip needs to be a firm hit. I get all this from my G4 Century Pro. Would highly recommend these tips to any player. Oliver Brown.
  • Brilliant Snooker Tip...
    Review by Marc J Davis (Snooker Player - Aberdeen)on 13/09/2017
    I have used layered tips for around 3 years now. Previously I used Elk Master but found they were getting worse and worse and collapse during fitting. I have fitted a good few Century Pro Cue Tips for players and they are solid, rigid and ready to go. Feedback has been excellent. Solid strike on the cue ball. For a single layered tip they are brilliant. Consistent and you get the feel you are looking for. I have yet to come across a 'dud' tip when fitting then for other players. Looks like the way forward! Well done CPCT/Drew.
  • Highly Recommend...
    Review by Will Hunt (Master Cue Maker - London)on 06/09/2017
    "Century Pro Cue Tips are a high-quality product. There is a marked difference in the playability of each density- as there should be- and unlike some other brands I have used I found them to be very consistent. After a good session of Snooker or Pool I would advise any player to maintain their CC Tip with a small diamond file to keep the surface rough and free from chalk build-up to get the best out of it. I was impressed with the grip of these tips, they make deep screw shots much easier and I have hardly miscued since changing over to these. I'm really happy to be stocking Century Pro Cue Tips and I hope they will be around for many years to come. Will Hunt, "Will Hunt (London)"
  • Fantastic Snooker Tips!
    Review by Elliott Sandersonon 29/08/2017
    I am a professional pool player who also plays snooker. I know Drew quite well and purchased a box of "G2's" to try out. He told me to give an honest review so here it is. I found to tips to be excellent. They played in very quickly and as it says on the tin, optimum consistency, playability and feedback. I could play the full range of shots, no problem at all and would recommend Century Pro tips to any player. I hope Century now bring out an American Pool tip that is the same quality...Elliott Sanderson.
  • Brilliant Snooker/Pool Tip!
    Review by Tom Kollinson 16/08/2017
    I really like the (G2) tips. Their playability was equally as impressive as their consistency. I tried them on three of my cues, 9mm, 9.5mm, and 10mm, and was able to play with them immediately. No break-in period was required, just trim it and go. If someday you offer a 9mm size and/or a sample pack of G1, G2, G3, and G4, I would like to hear about it. Would highly recommend 5 stars. Tom - USA.
  • WOW What A Tip...
    Review by Wayne Phillipson 15/08/2017
    These are the best tips i have used in the last 6 years. Been looking for a tip as close to the original Mike Wooldridge tip and i think i have found the closest i will get to them. Felt like the tip had been on for weeks after the first Shot!
  • 5 Stars
    Review by Mark Roantreeon 03/07/2017
    Best tip i have had on my cue for years. Its playing like its been on for weeks. Would highly RECOMMEND and will buy again!
  • 5 Stars
    Review by SD147on 12/02/2017
    Tried the test box out first, super fast delivery. found that G2's suited my game the most so ordered a box. I was using elk pro's and found that i was only getting one CONSISTENT tip from a box and at £23 this is not good. Thought i would give Century pro's a go and found them to be a fantastic cue tip, kept shape, brilliant playability & consistant as described, Excellent cue ball control, best tip i have used in years, will DEFINITELY buy again.

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